“Lorelei’s has a special, unique & enthusiastic approach to celebrating and supporting your SOUL’s deepest dreams & desires. She analytically (from her vast astrological knowledge) & intuitively grasped how I was ‘wired’ and helped me understand how to achieve my SOUL’s VISION given the framework of my astrological blueprint .  It’s always a JOY to connect with Lorelei, especially for one-on-one sessions.  She delivers the depth of enlightenment that I require. I end each call feeling EMPOWERED and knowing that EVERYTHING happens in PERFECT timing… especially She loves you flawlessly and unconditionally  with the RIGHT COACH !!”

Terry Carretta
“One of the most important things I have received from Lorelei is permission to be myself. Not that I needed it from her, but she helped me realize that I needed it from myself. I knew immediately that she was a Divine appointment for me and that our meeting wasn't accidental. I automatically loved her! She is the motherly friend and playmate that I need to support me. She uses her love, spiritual astrological knowledge, and wise counsel to so sweetly guide us home. She is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Lorelei uses her love, spiritual astrological knowledge, and wise counsel to so sweetly guide us home. What more could anyone need or want than an honest friend to love you into becoming the person God created you to be? I am eternally grateful to have her in my life. She is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.”

Duane Price
“Lorelei has been extremely helpful to me during the most challenging time of my life. Her counsel is a synthesis of science, spirituality, wisdom, championing support, positivity, encouragement and love. What she offers is unique. Her integrity and expertise is unmatched. Lorelei is able to reveal and explore cosmic and planetary energies and their changes and explain how they relate specifically to you and your life. She also teaches the skills necessary to be aware of and to live in harmony with these natural cycles in order to manifest one's dreams. The knowledge she shares allows for insights and self-knowing which is truly invaluable. It is like having access to a universal navigating system. I am forever grateful.”

Maggie Snaidas
“Lorelei is amazing.  She is perceptive, deeply intuitive and wise beyond words.  To work with her which I have done for the past 6 months ... has been such a joy and so empowering, as she harnesses the spiritual energies of her own deep inner wisdom, together with the energy of our own Solar system.  I have come to understand myself  at a much deeper level through working with Lorelei…and not just the wonderful parts of my personality.  She has guided me how to draw on ALL of me so that I can live the life of my dreams.  She's an artist who weaves a story full of richness and vibrancy and truth - offering it through song and soulful dialogue.  She's a Star!”

Ava Quam
“My intention in working with Lorelei was to receive guidance about best times to take actions to expand my business Adventure Coaching.  First I must say I know nothing about astrology.  Lorelei patiently explained this complicated subject at a level I could grasp. She advised me to wait on launching new projects when retrogrades where in progress, and to “go for it!” when things were aligned. From my work with Lorelei I gained insight into who I am helping  me ‘own’ who I am more fully.  This has allowed more grace and flow into my life. I felt guided and encouraged to believe that I could manifest my heart’s desires - because I saw Lorelei doing it.”

Sandy Kobrock
“Working with Lorelei has really added more joy beyond my wildest dreams. Her enthusiasm is contagious.  I now have more clarity and I really get that "divine timing" is everything. My business has picked up and I am taking a new direction that really looks exciting. She has helped me heal relationships that I thought could not be healed and helped me see the truth inside myself. I am all about adding to my life. And Lorelei has added to my life in spades. It has been fun, insightful and very healing to work with her and now, I have a new skill set to work within the phases of the moon cycle. I am truly ready, willing and able to move to my next level of success. As a Life Coach myself, I believe we all need coaching to help us grow.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Marilyn Segal
“I initially contacted Lorelei Robbins to help me with timing in my business. I had a lot of work-related irons in the fire at that time, and Lorelei helped me navigate a large website redesign and re-launch project I had envisioned and initiated without having considered the influence of a Mercury retrograde impacting my plans. Lorelei's help was invaluable. She stressed the importance of expecting and also allowing time for addressing inevitable snafus and other disruptions within my project timeframe, given what Mercury was up to at the time! I ended up revamping and completing several ideas left behind in the dust, and did some significant home, office and other de-cluttering as well.

What most surprised me, though, was how Lorelei encouraged me to bring my "inner renegade" energy more to the forefront of how I do my monthly, quarterly and annual business planning, and that has been a huge insight and gift that continues to pay dividends long after the scope of our time working together. Lorelei is a gold mine of wealth, wisdom, wit and more! I will definitely call on her again when I desire greater clarity, insight and action steps that are in planetary alignment with my next big shifts in business and life. Thanks Lorelei!”

Hobie Hare
“Lorelei, you’ve always been there along the way, streaming your beautiful unconditional love, compassion, understanding and unbiased insight.  You’re a bright light, and I cherish our connection immensely.  You helped me remember who I am, believe in myself again, and reconnect to my passion.”

Kent Boxberger
“I have reached a certain age where nothing sounded like fun except making my encore career come alive.   I knew I had to try a different approach because although I had been working on the business for years, I had yet to fly like I knew was inevitable.   In order to feel a greater sense of support and to gain momentum behind making my life come true … I joined Lorelei’s inaugural Dare to Do Group.

“In the first month I saw evidence that the process was working for me and each month there after my results only got better and better.  Knowing the energies that are unfolding in any given moon phase, and how they relate to my own birth chart, was the ticket to aligning with the power that creates worlds.  Lorelei’s special guidance gave me the courage to step into my dream once and for all… not to mention the mirror-like magic that was ever present inside our Dare to Do group conference calls.  Having Lorelei as a mentor in a group setting, along with our private sessions, created the support I needed to witness everyday magic and thus, my business success is ever present.”

Laureen Earnest, Notes ‘N Time
“Thank you for all the ongoing wisdom you share with me and with our entire community of women business leaders and influencers. They love to see what you have to say about the planets... so they can plan-it when it comes to their professional and personal lives. I am always amazed at the unique way uplifet and inspire others as a counselor, astrologer, minister, and interviewer. You're always inspiring! Well done!”

Cynthia Good