Thank you for registering for the New Moon and Full Moon Teleshows 

All TeleShows are on the Full Moon and New Moon at 9:00 pm Eastern time 

Call In Info: 206-402-0100 Access: 126976# 

While there are actually 8 phases of the Moon in each monthly Lunar cycle, the New Moons and Full Moons mark the most powerful times to plant/sow/ask at the New Moon and to harvest/reap/receive at the Full Moon. 

New Moons are the time to create your New Moon Wish List, so that you harness the power of each Lunar cycle to manifest your heart’s desires. 

Full Moons are the time for heightened awareness, illumination and clarity about how your New Moon wishes are unfolding, and where you are in the process of manifesting your heart’s desires. 

You have the opportunity to connect with me LIVE on each TeleShow, and I welcome your questions about you, your relationships, as well as the timing of events. 

We will be sending you reminders before each Teleshow.

Welcome to Robbins Cosmic Nest!