Previous Teleshows

May 18: TAURUS New Moon

THEME: Easy Breezy!
PLANT the seeds of Abundance

August 29: PISCES Full Moon

THEME: Unconditional Love
RECEIVE: the gifts of compassion, forgiveness and kindness

September 13: VIRGO New Moon Solar Eclipse

THEME: Productivity
PLANT: the seeds of efficiency, methodology and quality of life

September 28: ARIES Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

THEME: Courage
RECEIVE: the gifts of self-reliance, risk-taking and independence

October 12: LIBRA New Moon

THEME: Partnership
PLANT: the seeds of collaboration, co-creation and cooperation

October 27: TAURUS Full Moon

THEME: Abundance
RECEIVE: the gifts of beauty, peace and stability

June 2: SAGITTARIUS Full Moon

THEME: Optimism
RECEIVE the gifts of knowing that everything is in Divine Order

June 16: GEMINI New Moon

THEME: Communication
PLANT: the seeds of thoughts, words and ideas

July 2: CAPRICORN Full Moon

THEME: Achievement
RECEIVE: the gifts of accomplishment, ambition and success

July 15: CANCER New Moon

THEME: Security
PLANT: the seeds of nourishment, nurturance and safety

July 31: AQUARIUS Full Moon

THEME: Authenticity
RECEIVE: the gifts of your brilliance, originality and uniqueness

August 14: LEO New Moon

THEME: Creativity
PLANT: the seeds of joyful, fun-loving, childlike self-expression