Plan It With The Planets

dn9824-1-831Is for you if…

You’ve  put your heart and soul into something really important to you…an event, a conversation, a meeting, a product launch, a webinar, a teleclass, or any situation…and have it fall flat on its face.

You’ve ever felt like you’re pushing ‘rocks up hill’…you’re exhausted before you’ve even started and you just want to give up?

You’re in your own business and you’re doubting the value of what you offer others because your marketing efforts are not bringing your ideal clients in the door, and you just can’t seem to call them to action.

Your excitement, joy and confidence about what you do easily turn to confusion, frustration and overwhelm when you don’t get anywhere near the results you projected and expected.

You’ve ever wondered why you’re full of energy on certain days…ready to tackle the world…and other days you can barely get out of bed?

You’ve ever wished you’d known the ‘emotional climate’ ahead of time because you might have done something differently?  Maybe if you’d been more sensitive, understanding, or caring with someone, you would have experienced a different outcome.

You recognize that timing has its own magic, and you’re excited to learn how to maximize the power of the cosmic energies so that you can intentionally choose what you want to experience and manifest your heart’s desires in perfect timing.