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[You are not just your Sun Sign.  You have other Characters in your personality that need expression.  And when you acknowledge, understand, and embrace each Character, you have easy access to all of your gifts and talents.  Can you imagine the energy then available to you to create and live the life of your dreams?

My intention is that you ‘give voice’ to your main Cast of Characters, so that you can be all of who you are, and live ‘happily ever after’: Sun: Your basic identity and creative life force Moon: What makes you feel nurtured and secure Mercury: How you think & communicate Venus: What You love and value Mars: What you desire & drives you Rising Sign: Your ‘mask’, North Node: Your Soul’s Invitation (includes Personality Profile)

The big bonus for participants in last month’s PlayShop was that they not only left with an expanded understanding and awareness of their own Cast of Characters, but also with greater sensitivity and compassion to Characters in their spouse, child, mother, sister, business partner.

LIVE in Robbins Cosmic Nest

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My intention is that you receive the following benefits from your Meet Your Cast of Characters PlayShop:

Confirmation of your natural gifts and talents

Celebration of ALL of  you (you are not just your Sun Sign)

Conscious expression of your Cast of Characters working as a team

Collaboration with all of your Characters by giving each one a voice

Creative energy is freed up in you that may have been blocked for a long time or forever

Compassion in extra doses for yourself and others

Courage and Confidence that you don’t need permission from anyone to be who you are

Robbins Cosmic Nest
Mountain Park, Georgia

8 Sacred Seats available for Playshop

To claim your sacred seat, call me at 404-226-0902

Now you can participate in a Meet Your Cast of Characters PlayShop from anywhere in the country or world.

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New Dates Coming Soon


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