Meet Lorelei

20Learning to sing my own song has been a theme throughout my life.  It was always easy for me to jump on someone else’s bandwagon trying to find myself.  I told myself… if I could just make this relationship work…I’d be safe and secure.  This became my modus operandi.  I became so good at it that I married five times.

But singing someone else’s song began long before I was old enough to be married.  It began when I was a very young child.  I grew up in a very married, upper middle class neighborhood on Long Island in the 1950’s.  The story I told myself, as the child of divorced parents, and a Jewish father in show business to boot, was that I was different and didn’t fit in.

Me at 3 with my dad and the mike (1)From the age of 3 ½ to 6, I was on the air with my dad, celebrity interviewer, Fred Robbins, welcoming listeners to his radio show, Robbins Nest: “Hi, everybody, are you ready for Freddie, well, come on in to Robbins Nest.”

Instead of going out to play with other kids when I got home from school, I was  whisked into the den with my dad where we proceeded to record his easy music listening show.  Some days I wasn’t in the mood to record because I just wanted to go out and have fun with my friends.  So I was further encouraged (bribed) with my dad promising to take me to the zoo or amusement park. Interesting that my dad was also a Libra Sun, so I learned early how to negotiate, so that everybody wins.

I was really challenged to sing my own song in the 60’s when I attended Catholic boarding schools in the German and French regions of Switzerland.  Trying to fit in without speaking the language took courage and perseverance. I had no idea how to sing my song in English, much less in another language. But after 4 years of rehearsing, at least I spoke fairly fluent German and French.

Me at 18 months with Nat King Cole

Me at 18 months with Nat King Cole

Learning to sing my own song continued through so many jobs and so many careers trying to capture that elusive tune.

This led me on amazing adventures  as the administrative assistant to the Vice President of  Public Relations at Bantam Books, the Director of Advertising at Rolling Stone Magazine, the Vice President of Finance at General Foods, and tri lingual secretary to the Vice President of  Research and Development at Bristol Labs International. Along the way I also did stints as a real estate, insurance and travel agent, as well as a University German instructor at the State University of New York at Oswego, in addition to helming my own personnel consulting company for 15 years.

I still thank my lucky stars every day that I moved to Atlanta in the late 70’s from New York because I worked for a company that made a handheld astrological and biorhythm computer.  That introduction to astrology started me down the road to become aware, to understand, and to know all the parts of me…the pushes, the pulls…the good, the bad and the ugly.  It started to become clear to me how and why I was attempting to find myself in relationship after relationship and job after job.

Me  at 6 with Dad recording Robbins Nest

Me at 6 with Dad recording Robbins Nest

Once I began to understand and honor all the parts of me, I came to really know that love is not finding the right partner,it’s being the right partner.  And that knowing turned into inspired action to release anything in the way of me becoming the partner that I so desired.

While I am now in my mid 60’s and living the life of my dreams, it doesn’t have to take you that long to DARE and ALLOW your dreams to come true.  My goal is to save you time, energy and money…to help you manifest your heart’s desires in perfect Divine timing.

Me at 2 embracing the world at Jones BeachSinging your own song takes self-discipline, self-acceptance, and self-love.

But it is the only game in town, because how can you truly live the life of YOUR dreams if you’re singing someone else’s song? The good news is that I am now finally singing my own song with the man of my dreams. I’ve taken the best of my family legacy, my early training in Robbins Nest, and given it my own spin.

So, welcome to Robbins Cosmic Nest, where it’s safe enough to sing your song, and dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.