My Playmates for THE Soul!

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOWI am thrilled to tell you how to take this exciting Lunar journey with me!

After working specifically with the Lunar cycles, phases, and rhythms, as well as the other planetary energies for so many years, I am more and more in awe of how when I align my energies with the natural rhythms, life is so much more fun, meaningful, and almost stress-free.

Here’s what you will receive on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level:

  1. My dedication and devotion to you and your dream by walking along side you during one Lunar cycle (month) to help you DARE to dream, DROP what’s in the way, and surrender to DIVINE timing.
  2. My encouragement and unwavering belief that if you have a dream in your heart, and it harms no one else, it is God’s will for you… and therefore, it can, and will come true if you do your part.
  3. That I absolutely GET you.  One of my close friends who is also a client said to me recently:  “Lorelei, when I’m with you, I can be more me.”  I believe that’s the most beautiful acknowledgment I have ever received.  

Here’s what you will receive on the physical level:

  1. 30-minute private session with me (recorded) and ONE Personalized SoulPledge for the purpose of helping you to become aware of, to understand and to know your Cast of Characters (the different parts of your personality as defined by your astrological chart)
  2. Participation in my Participation in My Playmates for The Soul Group Calls on the New and Full Moon
  3. Your written Personality Profile
  4. Your written one month Forecast (sent after your private session)
  5. Specific Lunar information about the 8 Moon phases, when they begin and end, and how best to harness their energies to create your life
  6. How to Create Your New Moon WishList
  7. Tools to help you release what is blocking your dream.  Because if you don’t have what you desire, there is only one reason… your are NOT allowing it in. (EFT, Radical Forgiveness, A Course in Miracles, Sedona Method, various counseling techniques)

All my skills as a Spiritual Astrologer, Counselor, Interviewer and Minister are in service to one thing and one thing only:


To support, encourage and champion you
to DARE and ALLOW all your dreams to come true.



If you’re interested in this opportunity, here’s what you do:

Email me with YES, I’M IN and YOUR SUN SIGN in the subject line.