November 15, 2016: TAURUS Full Moon

Theme:You Can Have It All!
Receive:the gifts of abundance, beauty and contentment

October 30: SCORPIO New Moon

Theme:You are only ‘as sick as your secrets’!
Plant:the seeds of intimacy, magic and transformation

October 16: ARIES Full Moon

Theme:To Thine Own Self Be True!
Receive:the gifts of courage, confidence and independence

September 30: LIBRA New Moon

Theme:Every Match is Made in Heaven!
Plant:the seeds of collaboration, co-creation and partnership

September 17: PISCES Full Moon

Theme:Dreams Come True!
Receive:the gifts of inspiration, imagination and compassion

September 1: VIRGO New Moon

Theme:Service with Love!
Plant:the seeds of efficiency, productivity and meticulous attention to detail

August 17: AQUARIUS Full Moon

Theme:”I’m Coming Out!”
Receive:the gifts of originality, uniqueness and authenticity

August 3: LEO New Moon

Theme:   Be the Kid in the Candy Store!
Plant:the seeds of joy, fun, and self-expression

July 20: CAPRICORN Full Moon

Theme:Climb Every Mountain Til You Find Your Dream!
Receive:the gifts of achievement, accomplishment and success

July 5: CANCER New Moon

Theme:You Can’t Heal It if You Don’t Feel It!
Plant:the seeds of nurturing, nourishment and vulnerability