July 20: CAPRICORN Full Moon

Theme:Climb Every Mountain Til You Find Your Dream!
Receive:the gifts of achievement, accomplishment and success

July 5: CANCER New Moon

Theme:You Can’t Heal It if You Don’t Feel It!
Plant:the seeds of nurturing, nourishment and vulnerability

June 22: SAGITTARIUS Full Moon #2

Theme: ‘There Must Be a Pony in There Somewhere!’
Receive: the gifts of understanding, wisdom, and knowledge

June 5: GEMINI New Moon

Theme: Data Are Us!
Plant: the seeds of communication:  thoughts, ideas and words

May 21, 2016: SAGITTARIUS Full Moon

Theme: “I Believe I Can Fly!”
Receive: the gifts of enthusiasm, optimism, and meaning

May 6, 2016: TAURUS New Moon

Theme: Relax and Smell the Roses!
Plant: the seeds of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-value

April 22, 2016: SCORPIO Full Moon

Theme: Feel the Passion of All Your Emotions!
Receive: the gifts of self-mastery, intimacy, and power

April 7 2016: ARIES New Moon

Theme: Lead, Follow or Get Out of My Way!
Plant: the seeds of courage, confidence, and self-reliance

March 23, 2016: LIBRA Full Moon

Theme: Every Match is Made in Heaven!
Receive: the gifts of collaboration, co-creation and teamwork

March 9, 2016: PISCES New Moon

Theme: Have Faith in your Dreams!
Plant: the seeds of inspiration, imagination and faith