March 12, 2017: VIRGO Full Moon

Theme:  Work is Love Made Visible!
Receive: the gifts of Efficiency, Productivity, and Service

February 26, 2017: PISCES New Moon

Theme:  Dreams the You Dare to Dream Really Do Come True!
Plant:     Seeds of Imagination, Inspiration and Trust

February 10, 2017: LEO Full Moon

Theme:  This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let it Shine!
Receive: the gifts of Childlike Wonder, Fun, Creative Self-Expression

January 27, 2017: AQUARIUS New Moon

Theme:  March to the Beat of Your Own Drum!
Plant:     seeds of Authenticity, Uniqueness, and Genius

January 11, 2017: CANCER Full Moon

Theme:   Vulnerability is the key to connection!
Receive:  the gifts of safety, security and belonging

December 29, 2016: CAPRICORN New Moon

Theme: Climb Every Mountain!
Plant: the seeds of accomplishment, achievement, and success


March 28, 2017: ARIES New Moon

Theme:  Go Where You Have Never Been Before!
Plant: the seeds of Courage, Self-reliance, and Spontaneity

April 10, 2017: LIBRA Full Moon

Theme: Love Can Build a Bridge Between Your Heart and Mine!
Receive: the gifts of Collaboration, Co-Creation and Partnership