Dear Dreamer

Do you know you have a dream inside, but don’t know what it is?

Do you know what your dream is, but can’t seem to make it happen?

Are you living your dream, but have a knowing inside that it’s time to step it up?

If you’ve had it with all the fear, anxiety and negative beliefs that keep your dreams at bay, I invite you to…..

Dare to dream your biggest dreams
Dare to drop what’s holding you back
Dare to surrender to divine timing!

I know what it’s like to give up on my dreams. Astrologically, with three planets in Libra and two in Scorpio, I was wired to be married.

My whole chart points to it.  I imagined the perfect marriage would one day save me from my loneliness, and I dreamed about my perfect wedding.

Little did I know then I’d have the chance
to plan five weddings of my own!

After five failed marriages, (though on a spiritual level of course there is no failure, but I didn’t know that then) and more doubt, guilt and shame that I couldn’t seem to get it right, I stopped believing that I could find the LOVE of my dreams.

Even though I had a very successful career in personnel consulting where I used my knowledge of Astrology to help businesses hire the right people, I failed to use this innate skill in my own life, and especially in my marriages.

So much shame and guilt later, I started to wonder if the Universe had abandoned me?

My last divorce nearly took the life out of me. I had merged so totally into my husband that I completely lost myself.

Looking back over all my marriages at that time I could no longer ignore the one common denominator in all of them, and that was me. I knew in that moment I didn’t need to find someone else. I needed to find me.

So I went to graduate school and received my MS in Counseling, and started applying my astrological knowledge to myself in a new,  conscious, and empowering way.

One night during the Libra New Moon I was creating my monthly New Moon Wish List. To my surprise, I noticed I didn’t have a wish about the relationship of my dreams and here it was October, the month of marriage and partnership.

I put my coach’s hat on and said to myself, “You don’t have one wish about the partnership you desire.” “But I’ve been married five times,” I snapped back. Did I actually DARE to dream one more time? This back and forth went on for quite some time. I asked myself what I would tell a client in the same boat who desired the partnership of their dreams?

Luckily I took my own coaching, my craft won out, and I wrote the wish, “I am grateful to manifest the man of my dreams who makes my heart do a happy dance.”

And guess what happened when I DARED once again to DREAM my real dream. I DROPPED what was in the way…my lack of trust that the Universe had my back. And I SURRENDERED to DIVINE timing. Before that Lunar cycle ended, I scripted and cast my own LifeTime movie.

A surprise romance blossomed with a man I had known for a dozen years, and I am living the spiritual partnership of my dreams.

This experience compelled me to want to spread the word and help you really DARE to go for it. No matter how messy your history, how stuck, unsafe or alone you feel, I want to welcome you…

Come on in to Robbins’ Cosmic Nest,
where you can feel safe enough to sing your own song.